Contest Winners

Our Ice Princess won 1st place in the FAA Icicles contest! Our Nuthatch Bell won 3rd Place in “Pecking Order – Birds at the Bird Feeder” Gray Stream tied for 3rd place in the New England Wilderness contest. Gray Fox tied for a win in the Oh What a Lovely Mink Coat contest. Giraffe took […]

Berry Unripe

Our Berry Unripe image got 3rd Place in the Nuts, Seeds and Berries contest.

Puffed Up Junco is a Winner!

Our Puffed Up Junco placed 1st in a contest!  Photo was taken in January on a very cold snowy day.

Toad Queen

Our Red Eyed Green Tree Frog photo placed 2nd in the Frog and Toad Contest! Second place in this contest earns the title, “Toad Queen.”

Our First Winning Photo!

Our first contest winning photo! Our Mourning Dove on Post photo took first place in the “Ten of Anything” contest with over 1200 entries.